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The Home of Boxing


The West End Boxing club was established in May 1991 by Harry Costi and Paul Rees.

This old school gym continued to thrive after change of ownership by the Nasir brothers and became a popular boxing gym attracting amateur and professional boxers, students, athletes, sporting teams, corporates, mums and dads and many others.


Brisbane Boxing originated at the iconic West End Boxing club when brothers Khuram and Kamran Nasir, former several times boxing champions, took over the boxing club in February 2010.


In August 2011 Brisbane Boxing expanded to the South Side opening a larger, more contemporary style boxing gym located in Mt Gravatt, boasting six boxing rings, 76 boxing bags, weights area, kettle bells and strength conditioning area.


October 2013 West End relocated in to a bigger space to 41 Vulture street, West End. Still maintaining its old School traditional family feel mixed with a modern edge featuring 39 bags, full size UBOX boxing ring and a Box’d Espresso bar for the coffee lovers and the socialites.

The West End Club is less than 2km from the Brisbane CBD and the Mt Gravatt boxing club is centrally located on the South Side and just 2minutes from Garden City Shopping centre and 10 minutes from Brisbane City.


A new chapter was written in 2014 when our Bulimba Gym opened in May.

Brisbane Boxing



I have been going to Brisbane boxing for the last eight months. I have competed in many different sports over the years and I have never trained harder or enjoyed training as much as I have at Brisbane Boxing. Everything about the place is positive and enjoyable. The gym, the coaching, the other people who train there. Training there is the highlight of my day! I’d recommend Brisbane boxing to anyone from serious athletes to regular people wanting to get fit, lose weight, relieve stress and learn new skills in a welcoming and positive environment!

Nick 28, Kenmore QLD


I’ve been coming to west end boxing for 5 years now. Love the training, go as hard as you want to go. Always a great group of people. Kamran & Khuram are also great trainers. See you in the mornings!

Matt Fryer 40, Sherwood QLD


Brisbane boxing is just the thing for those of us who struggle to push ourselves. The boys take you through all the exercises you would never command yourself to do, but make you glad you did when you walk out that door. It’s incredible value – costing about 10 mins of a PT’s time for an hour session. I’ve recommended it to many of my friends who found it challenging at first, but are now addicted.

Millie Yervantian 23, Mt Gravatt QLD


I love boxing I don’t know why, I doubt I could explain it even if I tried. It gets under your skin and into your system like nothing else I know. I’ve spent the best part of the past 12 years training in boxing gyms, in both NSW, Queensland and even South Africa. I even fought myself a few times. One of the hardest things is to find a gym and trainers that are going to work for you. Khuram and Kamran at Brisbane Boxing are the best trainers I know. From the day you walk into their gym you’ll be treated with respect and friendship. No matter what you want to do, whether it’s health and fitness, fun or to challenge yourself and see how far you can go, the boys can give you the best training you’ll find, and they’ll do it with an evil grin! Do yourself a favour. Discover what boxing is, in a safe, serious challenging gym. Train with the best… Brisbane Boxing.

Andrew Kennedy 43, Hawthorne QLD


When I started coming to training a few months ago I could barely throw a punch and lacked the stamina to move around the ring for more than a round or two at a time. I have come a long way in the last few months with the guidance of Kamran and Khuram, and look forward to getting even better and better over the next few months under their guidance and stepping into the ring for my first amateur bout and will feel privileged to have the guys in my corner!!

Daniel Valas 30, West End QLD


If you’re looking for the ultimate workout that targets both strength and cardio fitness then Brisbane boxing is definitely the place. The teams are super friendly, experienced and provide great training for those keen to get real boxing training or just improve fitness and challenge themselves. Brisbane boxing is definitely the best workout experience I’ve had in a long time.

Lucia Rivas 27, Algester QLD


Kamran and Khuram have been instrumental in helping me lose weight and improve my fitness. Their Cardio Boxing sessions are always challenging and full of variety and I always leave exhausted from a tough workout. Their friendly nature makes training at West End enjoyable and they always find a way to push you to work hard. All the coaches, not just Khuram and Kamran, know what they are talking about and their boxing knowledge and coaching skills are second to none. They also have an awesome bond with my 2yr old daughter, who has been to training with me on many occasions. All the coaches make her feel welcome and actually get her involved with the training, which is always fun for her. I couldn’t recommended a better place to train.

Rob Gawthrop 39, West End QLD


I like the boys, they’re funny. I like skipping and jumping and punching.

Matilda 2.5, Mt Gravatt QLD


Me and my two boys have been training with these guys for a year or so now. The three of us are addicted and are the fittest we have ever been. It is a no frills, hard workout that gets results. Lots of variety, with great people and lots of fun to be had.

Michelle 42, Isaac17, and Coop 10, Holland Park West QLD

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